Grow Your Business With Mobile Marketing

What if there was a way to communicate a marketing message with your customers that had a 97% read rate?

You can!  With text message marketing (also known as SMS marketing), you can send your customers the exact message you want, when you want.  And since 97% of text messages are read (83% within 1 hour), almost every single customer who joined your SMS list will read it.

SMS marketing is an extremely cost-effective, high-response-rate vehicle, which can help to acquire and retain consumers, sell and promote products, drive loyalty, and reinforce branding efforts.

Because of this, SMS marketing is much more effective than traditional advertising like radio ads, TV ads, newspaper ads, and even email marketing.

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Mobile Is The Future

With over 4.2 billion mobile phones in use today worldwide, mobile is the fastest growing media.  It continues to get bigger and bigger every single day.

In fact, mobile internet usage is on pace to out number desktop internet usage sometime in the year 2013 (source: IAB Research).

Which means if your business and website isn’t optimized for mobile users, you are missing out on serving a large portion of your customers.  Mobile users who land on a website that is NOT optimized to view on a mobile phone become frustrated at how cumbersome the site is to navigate and use.

Try it for yourself.  use your mobile phone and visit your website right now.  You’ll see what I mean.

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What is a QR Code

QR is an abbreviation for Quick Response. It is a two-dimensional barcode (matrix barcode) that can store a link, plain text, SMS text message, addresses, URLs, Geo location, e-mail, phone numbers, contact information and it is used for quick connections (response) between static and online content. They can be scanned with smart phone cameras using the appropriate QR Code reader (scanner). The easiest way to understand their nature in today’s media world is to describe them as paper-based hyperlinks, and this is a good description of what they do.

Here is an example.  Below is the QR code for the mobile version of this website.  Try it for yourself.  Take your smartphone and scan the QR code below.  If you don’t have a QR code reader, you can download one for free from the app store.

How can they be used to help your business?  Well, you can put them virtually anywhere.  You can place them on your business cards, flyers, brochures, menus, newspaper ads, etc.  The possibilities are endless.

The easiest way to use them would be to place them on your business cards and have it direct to your mobile website.

Read more on how they can be used to help grow your business by clicking here.

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Mobile Friendly Websites

See if your website is mobile friendly by doing this short test.

1.  Grab a smartphone and visit your website on it.

2.  Is it hard to view?  Do you have to zoom in to see anything?  Then do you have to scroll around to see more?

If so, your website is NOT optimized to view on a mobile phone.  Which means you may be losing customers because they get frustrated and leave your website.

Don’t make it hard for them to find what they need on your website.  Contact us right now to get your own custom made mobile website.  It will be built to compliment your existing website.

Call 610-764-0160 to get started or email us.

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